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A Place for Scrap Notes and Scattered Thoughts

I will blog more often than I have in recent months.

The reason I haven’t blogged as much: I didn’t know what to do with this blog.

Until now.

I plan to use this blog as a place for scrap notes.

I plan to post thoughts and ideas that I come up with in the moment, and won’t focus so much on refining every piece of content I create.

A perfectionist fault

I try to make everything I create great. This prevents me from sharing many of my ideas as a result.

When I don’t have a fully formed, well-thought out observation, I don’t like to share it online. That’s why this blog is changing.

I want to get content out there as a means to force me to get comfortable putting content out there. It won’t always be pretty. It won’t always be polished. It won’t always be completely thought out. But it will be a place for me to document.

Every piece of content doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. This is a start.